DPC introduces REBORN

In Western and Northern Europe the second largest cause of long term absences on the job is burn-out and stress, with an average absences of 189 days.

According to studies by Human Resources Specialists the cost for companies is huge and quite often employees remain absent for a long period of time without the appropriate therapy only having a medical certificate from their local GP without the necessary follow-up causing relapses and even resulting in losing the job or their employment.

We focus on prevention

As you know the new legislation in Belgium focusses on wellbeing and burn out prevention.

Together with Agio Global Spain and a multidisciplinary team of doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, physical therapists and coaches we focus on reintegration and stress relief.

We focus on prevention and therapy to make you more stress resilient

The facility is situated on the shores of the Sierra de Malaga where you are welcomed in great surroundings offering peace and sun all year round to focus on being REBORN® .

  • Do you have valuable employees who suffer from continuous stress on the job?
  • Do they feel emotional exhausted?
  • Do they feel overloaded and does it affect their performance and job focus?
  • If so , it is maybe time to act !

  • With professionals, specialized in Burn-Out coaching we established a program in Spain, called REBORN®

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Stress? prepare the body for action

Intake session and audit in the company

  • Verify if there is a burn out (check on a scientific based questionnaire and health checklist )
  • Intake by Belgian Psychologist 2 hours
  • Analyse the problem + establish a treatment or prevention plan
  • Blood analysis by Belgian doctor

Follow–up Traject in Belgium with 1 focus



Prevention Training or Therapy in Spain in our REBORN Centre

  • 6 days/5 nights-therapy
  • Medical counselling- specialist in Burn-Out Treatment
  • Psychologist and Burn-Out Coach (Mother tongue- same person as intake)
  • Learn how to say no – self analysis – Heart Coherence Therapy and Jobcrafting
  • Stress and relaxation
  • Recovery of the energy balance
  • Registering the action of tension and fatigue: when, how often, how bad?
  • Reduce fatigue complaints through behavioural change
  • Behavioural change: effort to keep better dispensing by short breaks, not too long after the other continue, learn to recognize when you mentally let go.
  • Regularly-relaxation exercises, meditation, breathing exercises to let go, mindfulness-physical condition improving.
Example of a personalised Burn-Out REBORN® session
REBORN® facility
Burn-Out REBORN® fee includes
  • Welcome drink and healthy dinner on arrival
  • 5 nights accommodation in a Premium Room
  • Full board (five days of delicious, fresh, cleansing cuisine)
  • Several individual and group sessions
  • Treatment and Personal Burn-Out coaching by Psychologist and International Medical Practitioners specialised in Burn-Out Treatment
  • Flights not included
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Sierra de Malaga

Situated on the quiet shores of Sierra de Malaga you are welcomed in great surroundings offering peace and sun all year round to focus on being REBORN® .

Need more information or a personalised offer of our Burn-Out REBORN® program?

Mobile: +32/477.30.15.96

“It just has to be perfect, because less is unacceptable for me even though I know this is killing me”